Details about the contest


JAILBREAK is quite a old mod. Its gameplay never stopped evolving thanks, especially, to its maps, battlefield of thousands of players all around the world. However, they took a bad way of life. Like a old men putting his legs on the sofa, watching his wife doing everything in the house, maps became boring, staying on their achievements, without any innovativeness.

This is why today, the biggest JAILBREAK servers decided to create an alliance. An alliance that will allow anybody to improve the situation, by creating a new map.


Ratings will work in the following way : Each community will put a grade to each map. The average value will be their final mark, and the highest scores will win the competition. Communities won’t be able to judge maps made by players of their server (to be sure that they don’t give better mark to their friends).

Criteria to be met are:


looks of the map, luminosity, textures etc..


custom textures / props, no copy/ pasterino etc…


Quantity, Splitting, originality etc…

Interest in each team

Map has to be balanced, but Ts are supposed to be able to escape, and CTs to survive if they are good and if areas are not too small. Enough spawn / cells (42T and 22CT spawns)

1st prize

400$ + A 6 GB server for six months valued at $270 thanks to our sponsor

3rd prize


2nd prize



If you think you are going to participate, we are asking you to login with your steam account to register. To participate, you will have to follow these rules:
• Only NEW maps created especially for this contest will be allowed
• Publish your map before October, 1th
• Have 64 spawns
• Contain the following banner :

To be valid, you have to publish your map on the workshop or on gamebanana indicating that the map is made for the Jailbreak Mapping Contest.

To finish, you will have to publish your map here.
After login in, click on your name, then on "Maps", You will be able to fill in all the necessary information, the link of the map, and a link of a screenshot.